Music Program


Mt. Calvary has an outstanding music program.  Our Music Director, Laura Gillette, encourages anyone with any desire to sing or play a musical instrument to join in and make a joyful noise!  


The Ensemble, which is directed by Laura Gillette, is open to anyone who wants to praise God with his or her singing voice.  The Ensemble sings a variety of easy-to-learn and fun-to-sing anthems, all selections which require only a short amount of practice time to learn and can be sung by those with less choral experience.  If you have been thinking about participating more fully in our Mt. Calvary music program this may be the choir for you! This is under the leadership of Ms. Gillette.


Ms. Gillette also encourages those would like to sing solos, accompany a choir with a musical instrument, or play a musical instrument as a soloist.  She will find opportunities to incorporate these musical gifts into a worship service!


In addition, a Handbell Choir was started several years ago by a group of people who had little or no musical ability.  Ms. Gillette directs this choir and they have made amazing progress.  This choir has become a wonderful addition to our worship services.


A children's Chimes Choir has begun as well.  Under the direction of Wendy Kruse, interested children from the Preschool, Sunday School and after-school programs are learning to play for our worship services as well.